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Summit Sponsors Play.Fit.Fun

Summit Dental has partnered up with a local organization called Play.Fit.Fun to help Beaverton families become healthy and fit!


PLAY.FIT.FUN is a program that will help our local families with health, fitness and nutrition ideas. Whether your need child care…or have a child who you want in better shape…or an active child already in sports or other activities and you’d like them to remain active and moving. PLAY.FIT.FUN is ready!!

Two new programs have recently started at elementary schools near our office.  Bonny Slope Elementary School has a before-school program for children and Bethany Elementary School has an after-school program for children.  Summit Dental is a proud sponsor of these two school-based activities.  We are providing funds to help keep the programs going as well as resources related to dental health for the children at the events.