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Invisalign Diary: Part 4 – Six-Week Checkup

After your first six weeks, or first three sets of trays, you will be back to our office for your first checkup.  I personally can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by!  At the six week mark, I definitely see a difference in my teeth.

The six-week checkup will usually take 30-45 minutes.  There are no fees for these checkup appointments.  Your Invisalign fee covers the treatment, start to finish.  Every six weeks, Dr. Hagedorn will see you to go over the following things:

1.  How teeth are moving?

2.  Are there any areas in between teeth that need to be polished?

3.  All attachments (buttons) still in place?

4.  Do you have any questions or concerns about how treatment is going?

You will also leave the office with your next 3 sets of trays.  The six week mark was an exciting point for me.  I only have two sets of trays remaining and have passed my halfway mark.  Only four weeks to go!