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Invisalign Diary: Part 3 – After One Week

This Sunday, I officially reached my one-week mark into the Invisalign treatment.  Here are five thoughts I have to share:

1.  I was surprised how quickly my teeth were no longer sore.  The second full day of wearing the trays, my teeth were no longer sore.  I am sure every case is different and perhaps that it will even vary for me as I move from tray to tray.  But, I was pleasantly surprised at the short duration of discomfort.

2.  Use the retainer case!  These things are tiny and clear.  That is to my advantage when they are inside my mouth, but when I take them out for a bite to eat or drink, they quickly become invisible.  Plus, I am a little worried they might become a tempting new chew toy for our beagle.  *This is why they always recommend keeping the previous set of trays in a safe place, too.  If you lose or damage the current trays, you’ll need to go back into the previous ones so that you don’t lose ground while you and the dentist figure out a plan.

3.  Do I really sound as funny as I think I do? For the first few days into it, I did sound a bit like I had a lisp.  My mom even asked me on the phone, “Are you okay?  You sound sick or something.”  I think it just took a little bit for my tongue to get used to the new feeling in my mouth.  Don’t worry, it adapts quickly and speech goes back to normal.

4.  I feel like I’m on a diet.  I have definitely had to get used to the snacking, or lack there of, with these trays.  It isn’t quite as easy to meander through the kitchen and pop a little bite of something into my mouth.  I also find that for most meals, I take them out while I’m cooking.  I never knew how much I tasted food while cooking until I started wearing the trays. The trays have become their own little reminder, “Do you really want to eat that?”

5.  Morning breath applies to Invisalign trays, too.  You’ll probably find, just like I did, that the trays need a dunk into some mouth rinse or a good brushing with some minty toothpaste first thing in the morning.

by Jessica Hagedorn