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Latest Six Month Smiles Case at Summit Dental

Before and After Photo of Six Month Smiles Case

This 40-year-old male has been a long-time patient of our office.  At an appointment earlier this year, he expressed concerns about how his front teeth looked and wanted to hear about options for straightening them.  After a free consultation, we determined the Six Month Smiles treatment as his best option for quickly and efficiently correcting his smile.

We started treatment with this patient in April by bonding clear brackets onto his teeth and inserting a white wire.  We also ‘slimmed’ the crowded teeth slightly by gently polishing the sides to make just enough room for the teeth to fit together.  ‘Bumpers’ (tooth colored filling material) were placed on the biting surfaces of several of the upper teeth to prevent the teeth from closing down all the way and knocking off the lower brackets.

We saw the patient every four weeks to make adjustments and track progress.

In December, we were able to remove the braces from our patient’s teeth. His total treatment spanned 8 months and the results were outstanding!  I couldn’t stop smiling and neither could the patient.

Short-term orthodontics, like Six Month Smiles, can greatly increase your confidence in your smile.  Also, by aligning the teeth in a more favorable position, you are able to better care for them, including keeping tooth surfaces clean, and can drastically improve the health your teeth and gums.