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Invisalign Diary: Part 1 – How I Got Started?

by Jessica Hagedorn

I’m one of those tremendously lucky people whose parents made sure I had braces when I was younger.  I was also one of those typical teenager-types who wore her retainer sometimes…and by sometimes I mean not nearly enough.  Now, as an adult, my teeth are mostly straight, but I can’t help admit that the way they’ve shifted makes me frustrated that I didn’t wear that retainer religiously and ashamed I didn’t follow through to make the most of my treatment.

Lucky for me, I just happen to know someone who can do a little touch up.  🙂

I’ve been talked into trying Invisalign myself, but not without a certain amount of anxiety and a few questions:

1.  Will it hurt?  (I don’t recall traditional braces being all that comfortable.)

2.  Will people notice my clear aligner trays?  Will it make me sound funny when I talk?  Will they be visible in pictures?

3.  Will it be a hassle to take them in and out every time I want to eat or drink something?

4.  How long will I have to wear them?

5.  Do I have to do anything special to keep them clean?

6.  Will it make my teeth loose and/or fall out?  (Silly, I know, but something about moving my adult teeth makes me nervous.)

7.  How often will I have to visit the office?

8.  Will it hurt? 🙂 (I may have already asked this question.)

Teeth Before Invisalign

My lower teeth prior to starting treatment.

Last week, I spent about 30 minutes in the office getting digital x-rays, photographs, and impressions taken.  After that, all of my information was boxed up and sent to Invisalign for the creation of my custom plan and trays.  I’ll keep you posted on the answers to some of my questions above once they arrive and I start treatment.